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Washington- Frederick County Dental Hygienists’ Association

The Mighty Molar Report
Presidents Letter    

By Rachel Dawson

“Choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life” -Confucius

In essence, this is the ultimate truth. Choosing dental hygiene as my career path I have never looked back and have never been happier.”

Below you will see a photograph of our President Rachel Dawson volunteering with Hope for Tomorrow, a non-profit organization ready to change our communities whom suffer from access to dental care through a number of barriers. One of Hope For Tomorrow’s services is hosting dental and medical missions is to help the disadvantaged communities. The mission provides free dental and medical care to those who do not have access and cannot afford.  Usually, the International Dental and Medical Missions will run between seven to ten day.  Hope For Tomorrow collaborates with local partners to assess the needs.  

If you are in the health profession and interested to help, we always have the needs.  If you are a non-healthcare provider, we need your expertise if you are interested to volunteer.

For the past couple of years, the HOPE team started conducting quarterly free dental clinic in the Washington DC metro area. From the knowledge gained from hosting dental and medical missions overseas, Hope For Tomorrow has re-engineered tools, processes and procedures to meet the needs of the local communities.  The free dental clinics are making impacts on the lives of the patients in the local communities. 

Month of February - Children's Oral Health Awareness
Hope for Tomorrow- Free Dental Clinic
March 28, 2020 
Korean Central Presbyterian Church
15451 Lee Highway, Centreville, VA 20121
Month of April- Oral Cancer Awareness 
Hope for Tomorrow - Free Dental Clinic
May 16th, 2020  
Douglas Community Center
405 E Market St, Leesburg, VA 20176
We are recruiting RDH's and volunteers for these free 
clinics. Please e-mail our component if interested
in volunteering at






February 8th (Saturday) at Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Hagerstown
1718 Underpass Way Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 

7:15 -7:45 Registration, Breakfast & Networking 

Course is Sponsored by VOCO 

Speaker: Dr. Bill Paveletz

Dr. William Paveletz, DMD, is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry. Upon receiving his DMD degree he completed a one-year general practice residency at University of Pittsburgh and continued studying prosthetics at the Graduate Department of Pittsburgh Dental School. Currently he is VOCO’s North Americas Clinical Educator he lecturers nationally / internationally to dental retailers, dental societies and teaching institutions. Dr. Paveletz has been published in various dental trade publications regarding temporization techniques with dental implants, treating geriatric patients and fluoridation usage in adolescences.  He has a true passion for preventative and restorative dentistry with an emphasis on biocompatibility and holistic dentistry. His hands on workshops focus on topics ranging from dental coding and billing, hygiene, esthetic dentistry, fixed and removable prosthetics, and nano and ormocer technology.

Registration & Breakfast 7:15-8AM 

Please use this time to arrive early & sit at a table in the front, back seats will be reserved for late arrivals which is not suggested. Additionally use this time to network with your fellow colleagues. 


Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaf Coffee and Flavored Creamers, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream and Mini Marshmallows  


Fruit and Yogurt Parfait Bar: VanillaYogurt, Granola, and Assorted Freshly Cut Fruit. 

Eggs & Bacon 


8-11AM The Magic Of Prevention

Caries infection has increased in young adult populations and continues to be a major disease for children. This course discusses the impact of Nano Technology on today’s preventative and restorative materials. Attendees will have a “hands-on forum” to provide their dental teams with new findings on today’s desensitizers, sealants, and fluoride treatments to combat patient’s current symptoms and prevention of future issues. 


Lunch 11-12:30 & Exhibit Networking 

Hot Kettle of Soup  

Fresh Baked Potatoes and Baked Sweet Potatoes 

Fixings: Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Bacon Bits, Sour Cream, Chives, Butter, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Pecans, Mini Marshmallows 

House Salad with Assorted Dressings

12:30-3:30 PM  It Still Hurts ... Part II in the Saga of Fluoridation and Desensitizing Procedures.

You know the products to use… but can you discuss the options with your patient base?

This course continues the discussion of “Advanced Particulate” Hygiene products, with an emphasis on introducing these treatments to your patient base. Attendees will have a “hands-on forum” on how to discuss, present and sell “in house services” pertaining to topical fluoride creams and treatments services to patients. 

March 4th (Wednesday) at Vintage Restaurant (Limited to 30 guests) 

8 W Main St, New Market, MD 21774

Speaker: Dr. Jon Moles 

Title: The Developing Dentition 

This event is limited to 30 guests. 

Vintage Menu Option: 

  • Each Guest will be served a Market Salad

  • Entrees include a choice of: 

  1. Beef Brisket Sliced smoked beef brisket, BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes and market vegetables

  2. Fried Chicken Plate

  3. Mac and Cheese (V)

  • Dessert: Assorted Cookies 

April 23rd (Thursday) at Hampton Inn & Suites- Fort Detrick 

1565 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD

Speaker: Dr. Harold Snyder 

Title: Hot Topics in Periodontics

Registration will start at 6:30; Please arrive on time. 

Course will start at 7PM and end at 9PM. 2 CE's will be awarded. 

Course Description 

Discuss controversies, symptoms, causes and solutions for the following entities that can affect periodontal health: 

a. Vaping

b. Toothbrush abrasion

c. Flossing 

d. Peri-implantitis

e. Cervical resorption

f. Local delivery antibiotics

g. Ice chewing

h. Nail biting

i. Systemic antibiotics

3- Detailed course Syllabus 

Each one of the above topics will be reviewed in detail with literature reference, photos, and example cases to further explain the processes to aid in diagnosis and solutions to treat and/or avoid the various entities. Course learning objectives 

a. Recognize the various symptoms and clinical findings of the review issues.

b. Render a diagnosis based on clinical findings

c. Provide treatment recommendations or refer to the appropriate person for treatment.

May 2nd at (Saturday) at Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Hagerstown
1718 Underpass Way Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 

Sponsored by Waterpik

Speaker: Carol Jahn

6 CE's will be awarded.


7:15- 8AM Registration & Breakfast 

8-11Thats Not What I Learned in School 2.0 

Did you learn that floss is the magic elixir preventing everything from caries to bone loss? Or perhaps you are still providing ‘routine care’ – such as prophys, fluoride treatments, and radiographs. While education provides the foundation, it depreciates over time as new research, therapies, and treatments emerge. This course will empower you to move out of your comfort zone and feel confident adopting new evidence-based strategies for everyday patient care. 

11-12:30 Lunch 

12:30- 3:30 Emerging Trends in Linking Oral and Systemic Health 

Does having periodontal disease increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, pre-term birth, cancer, or even Alzheimer’s disease? Multiple studies have found that periodontal disease is associated with cardiovascular disease. Recent findings in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that severe periodontitis was associated with a 24% increased risk for cancer. This course will review current evidence on the link between oral and systemic health and provide talking points for communicating this information to our patients.

Membership Chair News 

By Ashley Pinson, RDH   

This past quarter we welcomed five new Rock Star hygienists to our local Washington/Frederick component. We were also able to gift a year membership to a new member, Ashley Favorite, at our last CE event. Congratulations Ashely! This was made possible by our guest speaker, Angie Stone author of “Dying from Dirty Teeth” and our component. We are stronger in numbers! We encourage you to invite your professional colleagues to join us during our upcoming events. The benefits of the ADHA are not just helping you be the best hygienist you can for your patients, it is so much more. It is access to insurance benefits and professional publications. Just as the local component provides live CE our state and nation provide continuing education as well. Scholarships, grants, networking and so many other benefits by joining our professional organization. . The ADHA is here to work for us! They are our professional organization, fighting for our profession every step of the way. If anyone would like to volunteer or join our executive board please let us know, we would love to have you join our local component team! 

2019-202 WFCDHA Student Liaison Report 

By Ashley Pinson, RDH

We are so excited this Spring semester to get out to the schools and speak with our rising hygienists. We are planning to visit with Hagerstown Community College as well as Alleghany Community College. We are hoping to bridge the gap between the Student Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA) and the American Dental Hygiene Association. At our last CE event we had one Hagerstown Dental Hygiene Students join us, Heather Manners who enjoyed Angie Stone's course so much she did a research paper and Angie was able to help provide samples to her classmates at HCC. We would love to have more student join us at our future CE events as well as volunteer opportunities. 

2019-2020 WFCDHA Legislative Report
By Raychene Michaels, BSDH, RDH
Our wonderful leaders of MDHA Legislative Committee led by Suzy Burgee, are in the process of drafting a Dental Hygiene Prescriptive Bill to be presented at the upcoming Maryland 2020 Legislative Session.The Bill will include dental hygienist prescriptive ability for all types of fluorides, both systemically and topically, Motrin 600mg for up to 3 days post SRP, antimicrobial oral rinses, and to administer any prescription that the patient has a standing order for. The RDH will be required to get an NPI number, take a refresher course, apply to the MD State Board of Dental Examiners for certification to prescribe, and most likely, take a small number of pharmacology CE every licensure cycle. The Board will set those rules when the time comes. Certification will not require a board exam. The sponsor for the Bill will be Delegate Nik Kipke and possibly one other undetermined sponsor. The Bill has not been fully drafted, so does not have a number yet. Please watch your email to help with support of the Bill in the near future.With diligent work by MDHA Legislative Committee leaders, the support of the Maryland Dental Association has been secured, thus increasing the Bill’s chances of being successful.Be ready to lend your support when asked. This is one more way that your professional organization makes a difference in YOUR dental hygiene career and the quality of care that your patients receive.

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